Maybe six weeks ago…

…Brad and I were sitting at the table after the kids were in bed, eating lukewarm spaghetti and not really saying much, just taking a couple of deep breaths in the relative quiet of the kitchen. 

We make it a habit of playing music in the background at night, and the song “Life Ain’t Always Beautiful” (if the “ain’t” didn’t tip you off, yes, it’s country) came on. After the first chorus, Brad looked up from his plate and said, “This song kind of sums up the last few years, huh?” 

I smiled, because it’s exactly what I think every time I hear it, and even though he doesn’t always say much, it’s occasionally nice to know–between the noise and the hectic schedules and the very real need to simply do what it takes to survive the day before starting all over again in the morning–that, in certain ways, our minds still connect.

Today, when my iTunes shuffled to that same song, this scene was laid out in front of me. It wasn’t idyllic–with the exception of the littlest one, they’d all submitted exceedingly obnoxious cases for why they should be allowed to watch Netflix on their Kindles as they ate supper, and the oldest initially stood in protest after I refused to let her take a plate of food down to her bedroom. 

But it’s our reality and it’s the world we’ve created and, for the most part, it’s a very beautiful, messy, roller coaster of a life that’s more than I could have hoped for.

Tonight was exactly the reminder I needed. 


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