Because some nights…

…after work and swim team and everything else, you get to stand in your kitchen while the kids play outside and you listen to music and talk to your husband and drink a beer.

And some nights that husband is at a track meet and you come home with all five solo and walk through the back door with three screaming and get them settled at the table with Burger King and head down to start a load of laundry, then find yourself 10 minutes later walking back up the steps with a forgotten baby bottle in your teeth and a mop in one hand and a sack of dog poop in the other and a bottle of Bud Light Lime between your teeth (on the other side…because those are the talents I’ve developed).

You get the overtired baby to bed and put three kids in pajamas and tell the biggest one to turn off Netflix and finish her homework and you clean the kitchen and you step outside to throw the bag of poo in the trash and notice it’s really nice outside. So you make sure they’re all content and you turn the lock and you sneak onto the porch and just sit. 

For as long as they’ll let you. 

(Then, in the juxtaposition that is parenting, you start to miss them. And, so, you head back in…) 


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