February 26

It’s been many years now, since you passed away.

Somedays I stil wait for you to call.

Been through some hard times, mom, but we made it out alright.

I just wish I could tell you bout it all.

Oh my oh myy

All these emotions running my mind.

These are my sentimental times. – Anders Osborne, “Sentimental Times”

Mom would have been 61 today. On my way home from the airport on Wednesday, I stopped by the cemetery–where I talked out loud to myself–and hospice–where I talked to the nurses and staff who took care of her for a year. 

For the most part, they remembered me (though the fact that I didn’t have a kid in tow threw a couple of them) and they all remembered mom. A few keep a picture of her in their lockers. One told me, in the decade she’s worked at the facility, those 13 months with mom were her favorite. All were glad I took the time to say hi.

I drove home feeling much differently about that scenario than I had since she passed. For 2 1/2 years I’ve lived under the assumption that it was my responsibility to make sure she wasn’t forgotten. I realize now that it’s not on me, that she took of that herself while she was still here.

All that’s left for me to do is love her. And wish her happy birthday… 


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