Picking up Keaton’s friend on the way to school this morning and realized, after Keat got out of and back in the van to grab something from the seat behind hers, that the sliding door wouldn’t shut.

“Hey, Keat, that door won’t close.”
Keat, on the passenger side, not looking up from her Kindle: “Yeah, I know, something must be stuck.”
Pause, waiting for her to jump out and pull the door. No dice.
“K. Can you get out and try to shut it?”
Keaton: “Mom, it’s stuck, I’m telling you!”
“Well, fine, but I can’t drive with it wide open, so…”
Rustyn, yelling from the back: “Yeah, Keaton, a squirrel will jump in our car! Or a bunny rabbit!”
I was going more for “it’s illegal,” but thanks for chiming in, buddy…

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