Locked out.

**Update: Thanks to my mother-in-law, who spotted the right tool with which to lodge the door open, we are in. And the latch is officially broken. Good grief.
And for the “Brad’s not perfect” portion of today’s programming…
Roo is still sick and now I’m sick. So after running around all morning at doctor appointments and the pharmacy, I came home to lay him down and get some rest. Instead, I found myself locked out. Because my husband put duct tape on the broken screen door latch–in an attempt to hold it open–and now the tape has slipped and I can’t turn the handle. 
To add insult to injury, within 30 seconds of owning the keys to the new basement door, he lost them. So, I can get TO the basement but not IN to the basement. 
The screen door glass won’t break, and when I try too hard to break it, well, the house alarm goes off.
The front window is open, but I can’t remove the screen.
So, I’m stuck on the porch with a sick baby and a massive headache and a nervous dog whining from the other side of the window and I CANNOT GET IN.
Brad: “I’ll be home in 50 minutes when class is over.”
Not your biggest fan right now, dear. Just…not. 


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