Keaton was gone almost the entire break at sleepovers and birthday parties and Fall Festivals and more sleepovers and birthday parties. Brad, who had to leave around 6:30 tonight for a meeting about the YMCA Turkey Trot, warned me that she’d probably come home in a foul mood, having gotten to do pretty much everything she wanted for four straight days. 

I braced myself.

She walked in the back door with serious attitude around 7:30. And then all of her siblings approached her and said they missed her, in their own way. Joey asked her to read books and Roo held her hand trying to walk down the steps and the boys asked what all she’d been doing. We ended the evening with everyone (minus daddy) upstairs, getting in reading minutes and spelling words and ABCs. 
All of them, in one spot.
I have no desire to keep them in this house forever, if for no other reason than I’d like to have uninterrupted conversations with their father for a few years before I die. 
But I’ll take it for a while longer…

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