Brad was gone when I walked into the house today…

…and I could immediately tell that the kids had kept him from completing a single task while he’d been home with them: the dishes were half put away, the clothes were half hung, the floor was half swept, the toys were half picked up.

I was way less than half thrilled.
But for the first time in a really long time, I tried to take a step back and remember that part of the reason everything was half done was because he’d promised he’d take them all to the pool. 

So he got as much accomplished as he could and he packed everyone and everything up and he marched everyone and everything to the pool.
And he sent me these (oddly filtered) pictures. 

And our kids will have that memory.

And (deep sigh) that’s more than worth my having to do the second half of all the stuff that doesn’t matter much….


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