Last night during our drive, Brad promised me Starbucks when we got to Kansas City. 

After stopping four times between St. Louis and K.C. to go to the bathroom, I figured the deal was off, but when I mentioned it, he agreed to stop again.

A couple of things:

We almost missed the exit to Starbucks and Brad had to slam the brakes, sending an empty coffee cup flying, at which I yelled, “Sh**!” And then Joey yelled, “Sh**” and laughed. And then Rusty yelled, “Joey said sh**!” and he laughed.
Also, Brad has decided that if we ever take a road trip again, everyone gets tranquilizers and catheters. Including me.
Brad, in my direction, with as much love as annoyance: “It’s like traveling with your mother.”
Memories, dear. We’re making memories…

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