I can’t remember why my mom had this mirror…

…if it was a gag gift during a time when her hair was such a huge part of her identity, or a pick-me-up when she lost it all to cancer, but it’s one of Keaton and Joey’s favorite things.

J in particular. 

 I was standing in the kitchen with Brad a bit ago, just before he headed out to mow the lawn, opening bills and–given the new basement and the doctor bills and preschool fees and kids’ activities and household repairs and, of course, vacation–worrying aloud just a little about how in the heck two normal people are gonna pay for it all. 

And I remembered that I’d just taken this photo.

And that life goes so very fast. Faster than we think and, in some cases, far, far faster than we could possibly imagine.

And worrying–about the big stuff and the little stuff (“Seriously, they’d better all go to UNL and then elope”) and the stuff that will never, ever happen (“What if they really do burn the house down?”) takes absolutely all the fun out of it.

And it’d be a darn shame if we didn’t have fun around here…

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