So, while I lose my patience readily with my children (All five of them. Making noise at once. Mind. Numbing.), I am an exceedingly understanding and patient person when it comes to dealing with businesses, and I almost always give the benefit of the doubt.

Today, however, while Brad was on the phone with the waterproofing company, I let them know (from across the room) that I was furious.
Brad, in his typical “Jess, one of us has to stay calm” way, told me, “Look, they have to fix it, it’s OK.”
Until they said they wouldn’t be out until tomorrow. With heavy rains still on the docket for today and tonight.
That’s when Mr. “I’m going to write a stern letter and let them know I’m disappointed” walked up the steps, and said, “I’m done cleaning up. I called and told them it’s their problem and they have to figure it out. This is ridiculous.”
I’m not sure I’ve ever loved him more…

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