Hopefully Frank will be cool with me posting this (my husband won’t, but I’m used to being in trouble with him)….

Brad’s name is listed as the co-author of a book and he never said a word; very few people knew he’d received his MA until weeks later; and we always laugh that if it wasn’t for Facebook, no one would know he had a wife and a bunch of kids and a house full of chaos. 

He willingly reveals very little (which means being married to me is borderline torture).

But this? This he actually took out of his bag and said, “Look what Francis wrote.”

I told him, jokingly, “Kids don’t usually write this stuff about administrators. Might wanna keep that in mind,” and he responded with, “Well, yes, there’s that, I suppose.”

Yes, “there’s that.” And there’s this. And a million other things that I know have made the time and energy spent over the past four years with this really great kid and many others more than worth it…

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