From Fremont, Nebraska (where I was born)…

…to Ottumwa, Iowa (where I met my best childhood friend) back to Fremont (where I grew up and graduated) on to Austin, Minnesota (where I was sequestered for a semester working in the packing plant office, spent college summers watering flowers for the parks department, and learned to appreciate Instant Messenger and “I can see Brad in x days” countdowns) and back to Fremont (where we took Keaton almost every weekend to visit until she was five and life changed), Hormel has been a huge part of how and where and why things happened for my family.

I received a card in the mail today from friends of my mom and dad from our time in Iowa, friends they probably met right around the time this photo was taken. Friends who stood by my parents, together and separate, during some very good times and some very dark times. Friends who check in with me even though they have their own kids to worry about.

There have been many people like that over the last 35-plus years.

So, congrats to my dad on his retirement, and a big thank you to all those we met as part of the Hormel family. It’s been a blessing.


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