Brad: “OK, Keaton, the last place that movie might be is the upstairs hall closet.”

Keaton: “Where?”

Brad: “The HALL closet.”

Keaton: “Oh, the hall closet. OK.”

Runs to the stairs and starts opening the cabinets.

Keaton, shouting down the steps: “All that’s in here is books!”

Me: “Yes, those are the CABINETS. Go to the closet.”

Keaton: “What closet?!”

Me: “The only upstairs hall closet!”

Keaton: “Oh, the closet!”

Brad, a few seconds later: “I don’t know what language that child speaks, I swear. (Mocking voice) ‘What closet?'”

It’d be different if we lived in a huge house. But 1700 square feet? Hopefully she can find her new room when it’s finally done…

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