Finished putting Roo down and walked into the kitchen, just as Rusty barreled in…


Rusty: “I want ‘sert.”

“K,” grabbing the candy bag from the top of the fridge and setting it at his feet.

He stares at me.

“Go ahead,” slightly perplexed by his hesitation.

He hands me a package of sour gummie worms: “I have dees.”

“K,” pouring them in a bowl, “now go to bed.”

Thirty seconds later…

Keaton, stomping into the living room: “Mom!”


Keat: “Dad told us no one gets dessert!”

“Well, OK, I didn’t know…”

Keat: “So, I need to send Rusty back down here, right?!”

Shrugging: “Yeah, I gue…”

Keaton, running up the steps before I can finish: “Rusty, mom needs you, now!”

And cue the screaming.

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